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[SGX] Administrative Staff Recruitment - Model & Conditions [EN]

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  • 200 posts(done based on proper content)
    • proper content stands for posts made inside projects categories not at Fun & Entertainment
  • No warning points at active
  • Having a microphone(recommended, not mandatory)
  • Fluent in speaking of english
  • One year or more of forum presence(recommended, not mandatory)
  • Having a common background with an already existing staff member(recommended, not mandatory)
  • Owning a server inside our community(recommended, not mandatory)
  • Reading and knowing the forum Rules
  • Having many visitors on your profile and an active status area.(from profile section)(recommended, not mandatory)
  • A ratio of 2 reputation for every 1 content (example: content: 500, community reputation: 1000).(recommended, not mandatory)
  • Title: Request Recruitment



uviTR2Y.png Nick
uviTR2Y.png Real name  
uviTR2Y.png How old are you?

uviTR2Y.png Which Games you play? and for how long?(each of them)
uviTR2Y.png Where are you from?(country and city)
uviTR2Y.png Describe yourself(at least 50 words)
uviTR2Y.png Note some of your qualities
uviTR2Y.png Tell us some of your defects

uviTR2Y.png Had you before any kind of responsabilities(describe it)
uviTR2Y.png On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity)
uviTR2Y.png Which category/project you want to care off?
uviTR2Y.png How well you speak english?(and other languages)
uviTR2Y.png Do you use TS3? Do you have an active microphone?
uviTR2Y.png For how long can you be active after you get accepted?(days, weeks, months, years)

uviTR2Y.png Contact methods:
uviTR2Y.png Last request

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