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Sharo for Supervisor/Staff

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  • Your Real Name :---- Sharo


  •    Your Nickname :---- Sharo


  • Your Age (above 15) :---- 23


  • Your Country :---- Germany


  • You Must Online For 3 Hours :---- I spend around 5-7 on computer, so I almost always got time to connect.


  • Will You Guide Newbies :---- Yes, that is one of the duties of a staff member.


  • Rank For You Applying :---- (SuperVisor)(Staff)(moderator) Supervisor/Staff. Which ever you need more.


  • How Will You Help Us Growing :---- Promote, find required information, help players and staff members when needed. Protect server from malicious players and activity. 


  • Your Contact Discord ID/Skype ID :---- Sharo#7777


  • Previous Admin/Staff (Where) :---- (Optional) PlayCounter swarm/csgo, s-cs csgo, wgame csgo, fleshas swarm, csg swarm.


  • You Have Your Own Community Or Server :---- (Optional) No, not yet.

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