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  1. 1.Real name: Rimvydas 2.Name in game: Kunigelis 3.My age: 17 4.My country: Lithuania 5.Online: I play in the server 10 or more hours in a day there is sometimes when I play less for personal life time. 6.Rank I'm applying for: Classic Moderator. 7.Can I guide newbies: Yes I could guide them in the discord or in the game if they need help with anything. 8.How could I help: I sometimes stream on twitch so I could stream your server and promote it and tell my friends to play in it. 9.Contact: Discord: Kunigelis#5099 10.Previous admin: I was an premium Admin in one of the San andreas Multiplayer servers. Server: Sarg.lt 11. I only have a discord server whitch is emty. 12. I'm applying for the CLASSIC server.
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