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  1. By everything i saw from your recruiting message and your activity and reporting the problems in chat, from me you have YES
  2. Your Real Name :----Алекси Петров Николов Your Nickname :----Alex Your Age (above 15) :----15 Your Country :----Bulgaria You Must Online For 3 Hours :----I haven`t been online for the required time,but i have met the rules and i`ll follow them without breaking any of them Will You Guide Newbies :----Yeah,i will so they can orientate and know what to do. Rank For You Applying :---- (SuperVisor) How Will You Help Us Growing :----By inviting people,suggesting ideas,guiding the newbies and ban the hackers and ban for time the ones,that are not following the rules of the server Your Contact Discord ID/Skype ID :----The Doom Slayer#5587
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