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If you’ve ever read a blog, starting a blog after 2018 could be a great idea. Because with the help of blog, you can express your thoughts very well. Also if you are a very good expert in any scale then you can make a lot of money from here. And there are millions of stories and articles and posts on the web in a single day. And over two thousand new blogs are created. This means that more than two blogs are published every second. And it’s not surprising that every day someone comes up with a different kind of headline, and there are a lot of them that have become even more popular at the moment. And now it may be your turn. Today in this article we will tell you what are the reasons why you should create your own blog. So if you guys are new and want to create your own blog and plan for free then you guys have come to a very good place. In this article we will show you the best and easiest way to make it.

What is Google Blogger? is a unique platform where you can start or create your own blog for free with the subdomain.  Also, if you want to have a great website of your own, you need to buy a domain.  Google Blog  What are the benefits to you?  We will tell you about it in this article.  Blogging with Google BlogSpot is much easier and more important for you to run your blog is that you have to have some scale in which you have a lot of experience.
  Google is the owner of the platform and besides that you have that trust and confidence.  Blogger is free for every user and is the same.  And he never asks for money from anyone and besides, there are many platforms on this web which are absolutely free.  You can also create a free SSL certificate for your blog.  Now the next blogger is the two types of sites.  Their https version presents what happens.  But it doesn’t matter if you are using Blogspot subdomain or not.  Or you are using the domain that you want.  And they provide you with free, simple and responsive templates. You also get permission to download whatever theme you have.  There are many free and premium bloggers on the web.  So that you can install them and make them according to your wishes.

Customize your blogger blog

You can see the theme and layout options in the left panel section of the dashboard key of your blog. By going there, you can fix all the things that people need there. Or you can do it here and there as you wish. You can do it as you like. Installing or modifying a new template. In addition, you will find every option of Blogger widgets there. There you can edit or remove the logo setup and also every text color and style edit etc. There you will find many options. Within the Blogger theme and then in the Layout section, you are only allowed to customize the ones you need. You can select one of the templates that contains a set of available templates or you can upload any other theme as well. Additionally you can back up and restore your blog template at any time by clicking on the Backup Restore option on the top right of the theme dashboard.
Can In addition, if you have any need, then when you click on the button, then every new template editor that is there will be opened. Every corner where you have to make the changes you need, you can do it. You can change the background from there as well as change the font design and color. Custom CSSL is also present in this option. And besides, there are many other things that you can do. You can edit the html of the template if you have a mobile template for your website. Can only select Then if you go to the Layouts section, you can manage the layout in your blog using a simple drag and drop process. If you want to make any changes in the blog header, footer, sidebar, etc. in the Kout section, you can do so.

 Publish your article on blogger blog

Once you have uploaded your first article, you need to go to the posts tap from your blog’s dashboard.  After the sound, when you have to write your article on it, create a new post or a new post for it. You will see the type of button that you have to click on.  Get ready to write an article in a very suitable format.  Blogger Post Editor is similar to MS Office or even Google Docs. So it is much easier to work with.  When you have finished writing your entire article, you have to choose a suitable type of title for it and put it in the post title.  You can then use captions, captions, pictures, and any video in it.
And when you have done all this, then if you say that we want to see you or the host live, then you click on the publish button. And then after that you have the article inside  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  So that your keywords and articles can be added within Google.  Google has its own product called Google Search Console. When you add articles within Google, about a day later you will see that some of your articles will rank in Google.
And when you get your website approved by Google AdSense, then you can make money from your website or your blog.  Within this article I would like to tell you about one thing and give you advice.  Whenever you are running a blog for free at, consider using a blog theme.  Which can make your blog even more attractive than the design

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