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If you know anything about blogging, you will know that blogging is not a small business. You spend about ten thousand and twenty thousand on it and think that it will close again. And this is not a business, this is your life time running business. And for this you have to take care of many things. It happens. For this you have to learn many scales because the bigger the business, the harder it is. So for this you have to make some investment and you can do it for free. So this article. Inside we will tell you what are the ways that you can blog.

First Step In Blogging

Now let’s talk about where blogging starts. Blogging starts from the top of your plan. What is this plan? What is your project? What do you want to do? So first you have to know. What is blogging? For blogging you have to create a blog and put some informative content in it. I mean articles that can help people and provide information to them. And to increase people’s information you have to put articles now. It is up to you people to decide what topic you are going to experience. If you tell people about it, they will benefit from it. The first thing you have to do is select a topic for your blog. For example, if you have the experience to tell people how to make money online, then you have entered this category. Has been selected and you know that you can write two to three hundred articles in it. This means that you can run your website on this topic for a long time. People are looking for the kind of topic that you think it can run on my website for two to three years. If that happens then the authority of your website increases. And your site s It will continue to run.

Chose domain name

Once you know that you have selected a domain as mentioned above you have a lot of experience. If it happens, try to make it relevant to your topic. As you have to tell about online earning, try to make it similar to this domain. If you put articles in it, then you also Should be in accordance with the website of You will be greatly misled. So first of all you have to suggest the name of your website which means you have to buy a domain. For example if you have selected a domain how to earn money. com If you have selected this domain then you have to buy it. So to buy it there are many companies that are waiting for you for hosting and domain you contact them and then go to their platform and buy the domain. Now here it is only up to the investment domain. When it comes to hosting, you have to buy it and there are free ways that we tell you.

Free Host Your Domain

When you buy a domain, then you have to buy hosting, which means you have to make another investment. If you have a start, you just want to learn. Don’t buy hosting because Google has a product called Blogger. So there you can post your website. If you have gone there to learn, then attach your domain there. And every post there, create a page. You can’t create a brand on your website on Blogger. You can’t do anything on your own. If you have to do professional work and do it for living time, then if you don’t go to Blogger, then you will have to invest a little more and buy hosting. And you will have to attach your domain inside it and Then you have to install WordPress. Just like you have to install WordPress, then understand that you have done fifty percent of the work. All you have to do is do it, like creating a page, put up an article, and design a website.

Final Thoughts

You may even understand how to start blogging. Once you have purchased domain hosting, you do not have to start writing articles within it. When there are ten to fifteen articles within your site. If so, then you have to add the necessary pages. After adding the page, you have to install the theme inside it. If you think that it looks very good in our site, you have to install and add the theme. In this way, you have completed your blog completely. When you feel that some articles have been added and designed inside our site, then it comes to how we have to give it to Google so that our keywords and articles are included in it. Google has a product of its own that you have to go to Google Search Console and add your website to it. Indexed. So with the help of Google Search Console because Google Console helps it while someone’s new site is created. If you add inside it, it tells Google that this new site has arrived. Add to Google

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