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There are many things that a website traffic company can take care of. You can create backlinks. Today, in this article, we will tell you who can bring traffic to their website by using social media site. We will talk to you in detail in this article but first will tell you why the website needs traffic . There is a paradise on the website, never again, when it has more users, we will tell you why those users will go and who will go.


Use Facebook

First the biggest platform is Facebook, Facebook traffic can be taken to your website easily and rare users are taken but if your website is earning through Google AdSense then it is dangerous on your website Google doesn’t accept Social Traffic. If your website is connected with AdSense then if you get traffic from Facebook it will suspend your AdSense or it will affect the revenue of the app. If you want to earn from AdSense, then you need to benefit from Google’s traffic. If you do not use AdSense, if you have a business website or tool, then you can drive traffic through Facebook if you want to promote any post without any money so that you can do it easily. You can use the Facebook app, to create a post whether it could be an image post, then you have to write your description or post it by tagging.

In 30 minutes, we want 4000 views. You can share it in each group and share it with your friends and ask them to share it further and all of a sudden when your post crosses 4000 views, Facebook will start sharing it by itself and will start ranking it, You will see many posts which are getting millions of views by the same method When Facebook sees a lot of people sharing this post they think this post is really good that’s why people are sharing it too early, So Facebook starts to rank this post and your post starts appearing perfectly in groups and pages and when a new user joins Facebook your post starts appearing in the recommendation.

Use WhatsApp


Now the other big player to get the traffic is WhatsApp. Now you have to think about it, we have not posted here, we have not been able to get any traffic on WhatsApp, we have done this work on our website. If your website is related to blogging or someone else The top of the topic is group search by Google and its topic. You know that there are many websites on google that have links to different groups, so you can join your favorite groups according to your topic. After that, your own group More than 200 users will be able to add a post to it. And that should be the discrepancy If the user clicks on it, then he will share the information of the group, then the words of the group will be shared on the other side of the post. WhatsApp is a very big platform but you can use it to communicate with calls, messages and friends, but there is also a way to use it.


The third most popular platform to drive traffic to a website is Quora. Who doesn’t know Quora who works on a website is the same as Quora. About Quora, you can trade on your website. You can bring traffic even when you are young and if you create groups on Quora you can bring PR traffic to your website. If you want to see Quora complete, then you have to understand Quora. There are a lot of rules that need to be read to get your account delighted.


Tumbler is a huge platform, people use it a lot to bring traffic to their website, it is also a blogging platform where people from all over the world come again. And it is a very old platform.  Within blogging, the same platform has developed that was very old. It has been running for a long time and this website has millions of traffic.  And now people like it a lot and the design of this website is also very good. Because it is very easy for people to understand and new bloggers also work on it.  Here’s how you can get traffic to your website. It’s also very easy. You just have to create your own account on it. You have to write short articles on it.  And you have to tag it according to your article and then you have to put the link of the website and then you have to publish it. And the people who are doing or doing everything there.  When that article comes out.  And he will look at your article and by clicking on the links that appear in it, he will come to your website and this way you can get people views.


Another great way to get traffic to a website is through Pinterest. You can get traffic from Pinterest through pictures. And here every 120 million traffic comes in a month, so you might think that if there is 120 million traffic, you can get more views. All you have to do is put a picture inside Pinterest and put a link in it. If you search inside Google, you will see more pictures of Pinterest. So you guys can think for yourself how much traffic you can get from here.

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